About us

We are Streetlight Motion

Streetlight Motion is a production company created by duo Olivia Eriksson and Matilda Aldsjö. With backgrounds in filmmaking, PR- and social media marketing we work closely with our clients to create unique, bold and creative visual stories to fit their unique market.

Creative Director, Olivia Eriksson has a background in filmmaking and visual effects. Studying both these subjects for two years each at Stockholm Film School and Jönköping University School of Engineering. After studying she moved back to Stockholm to pursue her film making dream and started working for companies such as FLX and Jarowskij in the camera department. Later she worked as a Camera Technician at Ljud & Bildmedia aswell as freelance as a DoP and Creative Director.

Head of production and marketing manager, Matilda Aldsjö started her carrier young with journalism and copywriting. After studying media, communication and project management at Jönköping University and Stockholm University she started her dream freelancing as a Project Manager for events, podcasts and video productions. Her focus area is project management but she still has the creative one liners that lift your company to another level.